Devil Rising

War, chaos, anarchy - a common state of being for all kingdoms in the realm of Nuraxia nearly 10,000 years ago. Wars, sparked by unseen dark forces, ravaged its prosperous empires. Deep beneath the surface, beyond the reach of man and mortal, the Blood War, having raged for milenia, began to fester in the land of the living. Having been mostly contained to the place where the Nine Hells meet the Abyss, devils and demons began finding their way to the surface, terrorizing all living beings of Nuraxia. As cities fell and turmoil ensued, a small uprising led the charge against the dark armies. This group, argued to be myth in some regions, quickly won the hearts of the lost and forlorn through showings of their awesome power. Epic battles erupted and Gods began to choose sides. Nuraxia became a toxic, fiery warzone, engulfed by fire and brimstone that rained down from the sky choking the air with smoke and sulfur. The fabled group of angelic warriors, nicknamed the Packu, slowly drove the devils and demons back to the depths from which they arose. The portal that was erected to transport both devil and demon between planes was smashed to pieces by an asteroid thrown by the Gods, thus sealing off the Nine Hells and the Abyss from the material plane.

In the years that followed, bands of humans, elves, halflings and dwarves came together to rebuild society. Having fought side-by-side with the Packu against the dark armies, they quickly realized living together in harmony was the quickest way back to prosperity. The Packu faded away. Little is known of why or where they went.

Today, Nuraxia is home to seven Kingdoms, many of which have thrived and achieved a structured, orderly society once again. However, more recent events, its argued, resemble those that led up to the the epic war. Kingdoms in the far West find themselves again in turmoil, with extremist sects of various races vying for power. With the increase of violence in these areas, historians and priests warn of a coming apocalypse. Many say it’s the work of Asmodeus. Others argue the Dark Princes of the Abyss are to blame. As rumors spread, the stability of the realm has begun to waver...