Dungeon master - ian

 Ian is a true nerd at heart and spends most of his free time surrounding himself with the newest technology and gadgets. He has a long-standing interest for video games that quickly evolved into a deeper passion for all artifacts of the nerd universe. A huge fan of sci-fi, should you meet him, it’s fairly likely you’ll end up in a deep conversation about intergalactic trade rather than anything truly pertinent.

Ian’s interest for D&D stems out of his fascination with the modern role Dungeons and Dragons has assumed in today’s nerd culture. The revitalization of the game piqued his interest most recently at the beginning of 2018 after watching an episode of Critical Role. Determined to reach what some would argue to be the pinnacle of nerdom, Ian set out to get a D&D group together. After 3 months of dabbling in the Lost Mine of Phandelver, Ian and the Grapple the Dragon crew decided to dive into the wonderful world of homebrew content.

zook - chris

Chris (if that is his real name…) joined this group of degenerates because the aspiring DM (and current tyrant) bugged him every day until he said yes.

He grew up on the fantasy / sci-fi genre. While his father extolled the virtues of Captain Kirk, he grew up on Picard, but secretly sometimes liked the edgier Voyager better than the early stuff. Brian Jacques’ Redwall series was another early influence. His politics are influenced more by Lando Calrissian than he is comfortable admitting publicly.

Zook Boddynock Jebeddo Namfoodle “Stumbleduck” Scheppen is a misanthropic forest gnome cleric. He’s a skeptic and slow to warm to people, but he was thrust into following his fellow travlers around after they fell into some troubles in the new land in which he recently arrived. Trithereon bid him to trust them and he is doing his best.

Thokk - Eli

Eli has always been a fantasy geek. Books, movies, video games... whatever it was, it had to have a fantastical component to it. His favorite characters have always been the flawed heroes, the one's with altruistic values but idiotic tendencies. The ones who believed so strongly in their values that they were blind to other methods of thinking, which lead to extremely entertaining and personable story lines. This is the basis for the character he is playing in Devil Rising: Thokk Bales (Bales is actually the last name of a protagonist from his favorite book series, The Demon Cycle by Peter V. Brett).

    Thokk is a half-elf barbarian whose entirely family was killed during a brutal orcish raid on his village when he was two years old. The orcs captured Thokk and he spent the next 18 years of his life with the clan, growing up as one of the clanmembers. The orcs were the ones who taught him to unlock his inner rage, leading him to the path of the barbarian. Upon his 20th birthday, Thokk decided he wanted to strike out on his own and discover more of who he is. Leaving with the blessings of his clan, he has spent the last 5 years traveling in the search for his heritage.


Kallo - Kerry

Kerry originally hails from the beautiful Midwest, spending his formative youth bouncing around Illinois, Missouri, and Wisconsin. After several years studying and working in China, he landed on the east coast where his part-time restaurant job introduced him to the rest of  the GtD crew. Now working in the consulting field, over the past few months Kerry has uncovered a new talent: bike accidents, having been in three already in 2018. DnD thus provides him a safer, while still exciting, activity in his spare time, that should (hopefully) minimize the hospital visits. 


Brenno - Michael

Hailing from sunny California, Michael makes sandwiches for a living and moonlights as a faceless bureaucrat. He is a Gemini, an INTP and his favorite color is ultramarine.


Trystan - Sunny

Half-elf Bard