Ep. 3 - Building Character

Intro/Outro - "Dragon Wings" composed and performed by Pat Klein

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In this episode, Kerry (Kallo) and Michael (Brenno) talk about their journey through the character creation process. Having started with the pre-fabricated (pre-fab) characters in the boxed Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign by Wizards of the Coast, both Michael and Kerry reflect on the steps they took in creating new characters from the ground up in Devil Rising.

In addition, the crew talks about lessons learned since starting D&D, whether railroading or sandboxing is better and the great community surrounding Dungeons and Dragons. 

DM of GtD Relocates!

Hey Folks!

Our team is now occupying two different cities! Ian, our DM, just moved for a new job opportunity. Never fear! The Grapple the Dragon crew has adapted and gone virtual. Thanks to the help of Roll 20 and a trunkload of audio equipment, we will still be bringing you our semi-regular actual play episodes. However, in order to get everything set up, we will be taking a week off. So, you can expect episode 2 on Saturday this week and then we will have episode 3 ready in 2 weeks. Thanks!

Grapple the Dragon Podcast

Hello! And welcome to Grapple the Dragon. Join us for our actual play podcast as we fight our way through our second campaign, discuss the happenings of the multiverse and talk nerdy about all things D&D. In addition to actual play, our podcast will feature interviews with the team, reviews of new D&D products and content and the occasional trip to nerdfests around the country. Tune in for the first episode of the new campaign on Friday, July 20th!